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2018 Superbowl 


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​​​​​​​​It never gets old, witnessing a client become a Champion. It is a true blessing, to see the same client repeat the ultimate accolade. From  All-Stars to World Champions and MVP's; the journey to become the greatest, requires athletes, to push past adversity and consistently find ways to improve their game. BRPT has created a Home of Champions. A Home of Mentality Strong Champions. Greatness is attainable, when your will to win, and ability to adapt to change exceeds skill. 

Congratulations To #BRPT And #SBLIII Champions 

 The New England Patriots 

2018 Stanley Cup Champions 


   2018 WORLD SERIES               CHAMPIONS 

Never let anyone tell you what you cannot do. This is the foundation, that our clients thrive upon in our coaching sessions. A Champions Mindset, will reveal priorities and most importantly what lies beneath. BRPT, proudly stands besides our clients from the beginning of the season and into the Champions parade. Overcoming challenges on/off-field (court), is where our greatest teachings occur.  We encourage all clients to embrace life's highs and lows, and celebrate the greatest moments to the fullest. Hard work does pay off, to those willing to sacrifice everything it takes. 

2018 NBA Champions

  BRPT 2018 World Champions